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Sola Harun, CEO of Kobeks, meets again in 2016 with his childhood friends Philippe Auberger and Ludovic Bouvier, 2 passionate of furniture and decorative products. Together they decide to develop a new concept : TEKOTAK.
Tekotak is the encounter between what is best in Indonesian artcraft and design. In a highly competitive market, where the main brands offer only “disposable products”, where quality furniture is affordable only for a few and with the disappearance of traditional craftsmen, the concept of TEKOTAK was obvious and natural.
This modern philosophy where global brands are aiming at standardization and focusing in main stream style and design, where profit is the only consideration.
We today lost the intrinsic pleasure to own a unique, qualitative furniture which is finally reflects our personality.
Tekotak is standing against this “junk industry” and is bringing you the opportunity to create a timeless “craft product”. In a fast moving world we are jostling with our dear references where the choice is between affordable or durable quality with character, and here TEKOTAK offers the best of both worlds to allow everyone to a premium selection without a high price tag.
TEKOTAK is the thoughtful purchase due to its deep respect for Indonesia, focused on its people and its ecosystem to bound the foundations of this human adventure. And yet this comes with full compliance of the craftsmen international standards, the provision of internationally controlled forests involving TEKOTAK participation in reforestation programs (

TEKOTAK was born in compliance and respect of all the above offering a bridge between legacy and modernity without compromising with quality. TEKOTAK is a spirit over a brand, its simply a noble vision of fairness. Be part of it !


Respect children, we follow the fundamental of Worst Forms of Child Labor Convention, 1999 system from the ILO.

Respect the minimum wage and social regulations.


Respect all hygiene and security standards, through our quality control system. Help and improve third party factories to enhance their processes and so their own business.

During the production of each new mock-up our production manager work together with the factory to adapt and improve their process and cope with international standards. Raw material supply from Indonesian Legal Wood Association, internationally recognized.

Participation to the Trees For Trees ( program by donating a fixed amount to the association for each furniture container exported by Kobeks.This program is dedicated to reforestation.

TEKOTAK AKADEMY for Indonesian schools, to educate and develop next generations: designers, 3D, webmasters, artisans, sculptor... and able them to be the actors of their future. Invest into micro-enterprises to open for them the global market through TEKOTAK platform worldwide network. Women empowerment : we support educational program and participate to local micro-credit organization.